Strategic Planning

Strategic planning exercises can be a daunting undertaking for clients and firms alike. The result isn’t necessarily the issue, but often the process itself. As institutions gather significantly more internal and external data, they may not be set up to effectively connect each key dataset, analyze it, and generate meaningful insights. At linear A, we leverage our experience in data-focused strategic planning to help guide discussions and decision-making related to facilities and campus development by connecting diverse data sets, facilitating workshops focused on scenarios, and visualizing data with clarity.

Sectors: Inpatient Health, Outpatient Health, Science, Technology, Higher Education, Workplace, Corporate, Commercial


In many ways, master planning exercises are rooted in an effort to transform information about the current and long-term state of a campus into plans for the future. When utilized effectively, data is an invaluable resource that can help paint a more vivid picture  to inform the decision-making process. 


Connecting the data available within the institution to external relevant data can be another effective way to insure the institution is considering the full story when making plans for the future. 


With the right tools, an institution can transform robust data sets, such as geospatial information and room utilization metrics, into information used to facilitate strategic planning workshops and inform master planning. 


Relying on historic data alone can paint an incomplete picture. Our process leverages the data collection efforts that are typically already in place and give institutions more precise control over their own information, allowing leadership to be nimble and decisive while lowering the risk of making less-informed decisions.