Healthcare Analytics

We help our clients and strategic partners identify opportunities by matching appropriate modeling routines to your unique healthcare facility questions.  We utilize rich geospatial and demographic data to model patient population trends, delivering visual and interactive solutions that provide insight into your unique healthcare needs.

Market Demand Analysis

Our work is rooted in the foundational information we discover while performing a Market Demand Analysis. To accurately evaluate the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats to your strategic goals, we connect demographic data (e.g., age, gender, race, insurability) with healthcare-specific metrics (e.g., utilization rates, incidence and prevalence of disease, length of stay, site preference) to quantify market demand and growth potential. We listen to your goals and needs, and provide long-term forecasts for demand of the services that have been tailored to support your strategy. We have the capability to triangulate demand forecasts with internal patient volumes and hospital association data, using migration patterns, market share, and other insights generated during this analysis to further enhance the feasibility of your goals.

Building Capacity Modeling

Our Market Demand Analysis is seamlessly linked to our Building Capacity Models. By integrating the output of market demand with internal operational and clinical data to quantify the number of key planning units (KPUs), we can quickly evaluate a building programs’ feasibility from multiple perspectives. External strategic tactics (e.g. medical staff recruitment) can also be incorporated into the process, further informing volume forecasts and providing the necessary metrics of success for your project. Critical factors such as length of stay, occupancy percentage, hours of operation, peak time, and variation influence the number of KPUs needed to achieve your goals. It is imperative to focus on the internal clinical operations and use realistic assumptions to adequately plan for future capacity. Our detailed analysis supports sound decision-making by exposing assumptions and their impact, encouraging probabilistic thinking and future flexibility.

Optimal Routing Analysis

We know the accurate evaluation of the most efficient pathways to various locations is critical in most businesses, and healthcare is no exception. We use Optimal Routing Analysis to quantify the time and cost implications of multiple transit network scenarios. For example, mileage reimbursement for providers, scheduling bandwidth for couriers, or quantifying the labor hours required to service various locations are important variables to understand in any healthcare organization. Our detailed approach uses variability to optimize routing, and adjusts for traffic, speed limits, fuel costs, and fuel consumption rather than a typical “as-the-crow-flies radius” approach.

Operational Analysis + Process Optimization

We understand your project needs vary in both scale and scope, and we have the ability to take a more granular look at your internal clinical and operational processes. This deeper dive into operations begins with our process improvement experts collaborating with your key stakeholders to map out detailed processes, collecting data, and identifying areas for potential improvement. We can augment traditional value-stream mapping techniques with detailed data analytics and simulation technology. Demand variation (e.g. hourly distribution of patient volumes, scheduling) and resource constraints (e.g. number of rooms, number of intake specialists, staffing ratios) can often increase the probability of bottlenecks. Using your data, we can build detailed simulation models and optimize scenarios to determine feasible operational solutions, delivering a high-value service that addresses the complex issues faced by many health systems today.

Location Analysis

We recognize that distance plays a major role in a patient’s healthcare decisions and can even be a barrier to accessing care. We consider the comprehensive network of care and the location of the patient population. We are able to show not only how far patients are from your facility, but also how distance may impact where a patient chooses to go within a network of competing health care services.

Financial Analytics

Sound financial and capital insight is crucial for decision-making
across industries and disciplines. We leverage our foundational knowledge of this topic and utilize a collaborative approach to help our clients connect disparate datasets and understand their own business. These connections and our multi-disciplinary approach offers a unique perspective on financial analytics. We know how important project cash flow and cost of capital is to any project, therefore we help organizations view capital planning alongside other strategic initiatives in an interactive environment.