Create, Analyze, Visualize: Our Data-focused Services

We believe in the value of a data-focused design approach, and this overview provides a glimpse into the robust range of services we offer to our clients and partners. Click on each image to learn how we create valuable solutions using a data-focused approach.

Sectors: Healthcare, Healthcare Finance, Science, Technology, Higher Education, Workplace, Infrastructure, Corporate, Commercial, Political, Civic


We collect and analyze many different data sets for peer benchmarking because accurately right-sizing your projects leads to confident design decisions.

Data Analysis + Visualization

Generating data is only the first step when creating a data-focused practice. Above all, we are focused on communicating the insights of any analysis in a meaningful, interactive way.

Design Analysis

Our process connects validated tools to your design models, adding value to your project, and most importantly, minimizing risk throughout the design process.

Data Charrette

We leverage interactive, hands-on workshops  to help you create customized, scalable roadmaps to success. Because developing something new requires a bold strategy.

Healthcare Analytics + Finance

Our extensive background in healthcare design and analytics brings value to your health project, from design through operations.

Strategic Planning

We pair the focused use of available data sets with processes that engage individual users and teams in an interactive workshop environment.

Data | Design. Ask us to learn more.