Think Differently | Our Story

Linear A is one of two currently unsolved writing systems used in ancient Greece. It is a syllabic script written from left to right, with hundreds of signs believed to represent multiple types of values. The approximate phonetic values of most syllabic signs used in Linear A are known from Linear B, but the language written in Linear A remains unknown.* 

This writing system represents the unsolved problems we tackle with you. We think differently, looking at all aspects of a problem through a data-focused lens. We embrace the difficult with unmatched tenacity, passion and a belief that value exists at the intersection of data and design. *sources: Wikipedia/Britannica  

First of all, we believe in the value of a data-focused design process. Because we focus on active user engagement, bespoke analysis, and the value of design, our team discovers untapped value at the intersection of data and design.


Linear A uses a value-based service model. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each project, partner and client because we are a nimble practice with expertise in many areas.


We integrate data collection, analysis, and visualization with your design process. Above all, we listen to your needs and challenge assumptions. We discover the right solutions to your complex problems by combining our deep experience with a dynamic process.


Breaking down the silos that exist in our industry benefits everyone. We are transforming the design process through the collection, integration, analysis, and visualization of design data.