Erik Carlson



Erik completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration, to become a Hospital Administrator. He took a non-traditional career path that exposed him to various parts of the industry by working in healthcare insurance pricing, hospital finance and operations, and clinic administration. After leading analytics and operations at a global healthcare firm, and earning Fellowships in three distinguished healthcare organizations, he needed a new challenge. Erik loves solving complex problems, but he recognized that large organizations are often not nimble enough to address complex problems quickly. This realization led him to think differently about what he wanted to do and how he could use analytics and his unique experience to make a difference.



Linear A is an extension of how Joel and Erik view the industry and world. Data is everywhere, but information, insight, and knowledge are not. We are a data-focused practice, founded in the belief that data alone only gets you so far. Erik believes the correct interpretation of data cuts through the noise and can be transformed into information, building a strong foundation for knowledge. As individuals who love deciphering problems, the company’s philosophy and name, Linear A, just made sense.