We believe data is the catalyst for exceptional design. Our process includes the strategic use of technology, data, and analytics to inform design solutions.


We believe in the power of scale. Whether that means the adoption of new technology within a company, or the use of big data to understand economic trends for countries, our process uses data from macro to micro scales, informing your design response with powerful insights.


Sectors: Inpatient Health, Outpatient Health, Science, Technology, Higher Education, Workplace, Infrastructure

1) Data Collection

We collect, store, analyze, connect, and visualize data at the largest relevant scale to inform your facility, campus, or district strategy.

2) Research Overlay

We examine peer-reviewed research related to your project. This enables us to develop quantifiable metrics that lead to repeatable outcomes.

3) Determine Key Metrics

We help you establish performance indicators for each project, creating a framework with which each solution can be measured against.

4) Design Response

We use collaborative workshops and active user engagement to develop the appropriate design response to your unique problem.

5) Design Analysis

Potential solutions and options are evaluated against the established key metrics, as well as additional, more granular levels of analysis.

6) Iterate + Refine

Each solution is carefully analyzed and compared, output is visualized, and refinements